Grand Prix Racing at Kilcornan

We offer a complete race package that will result in the best drivers on the night duelling it out in the final. However, if you are not the quickest, you will still enjoy the thrill of racing against your friends.

Satisfaction for every driver is guaranteed!

The Grand Prix Format

Every driver gets a practice session to accustom them to the track and the conditions.

Each driver then races in a total of three heats where they will try to gain as many points as possible to determine a good grid position in the semi-final.

Each race consists of five laps, with the top drivers from the semi finals go forward to the finals.

There are prizes for the top three finishers in the final with a bottle of champagne for the winner to spray!

The Grand Prix event usually takes about one hour to run. Cost per person is 40 and a minimum of ten drivers are required.

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